Portal Inmobiliario 213

Date 17 de January de 2024
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Tags Portal inmobiliario, rdlp arquitectos, Arq. Rodrigo de la Peña, Pedregal
RDLP Arquitectos

Portal Inmlobiliario publishes Pedregal for its edition 213 January 2024 magazine in Campeche, Tabasco and Yucatán.  


Since Pedregal is based on a life concept from the inside out, its main views are of the mountains. The property's topography creates contradictory conditions due to its location close to the Sierra Madre, and its southern boundary that is demarcated with a large retaining wall.

The property's irregular geography made our selection of the building location more difficult. As a result, the house was built facing north so it would have unobstructed views.  


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Portal Inmobiliario 213. Campeche, Tabasco y Yucatán